House Advisers: Mr. W. L. Tang

The House System began in 1975 in St. Paul's. It is hoped that through the House system there can be greater communication between junior and senior students and teachers and that students can get beyond the narrow limit of class spirit. In this way a greater sense of community can prevail within the school.

The six houses and their house colours are as follows.

Membership to each House comes from all parts of the school so that within each class there are members of six Houses. (There are House badges to indicate membership to be worn on voluntary basis.) Every House is headed by a House Master, and a number of Asst. House Masters/Mistresses. The House Captain is a student appointed by the House Master.

There are sections for such games as football, basketball and volleyball, etc., each headed by their respective captains. Thus there are inter-class matches organized by the S.A. as well as inter-House ones organized by the House Captains. There are also inter-House competitions in the Swimming Gala and the athletic meet. Apart from sports competitions, Houses are also showing their talents and co-operation in inter-House music, debating as well as drama contests. Points are awarded to Houses excelling in matches and competitions. These will accumulate for calculation at the end.