Tours Archive

Chinese Culture Study Tour(四川文化考察團)

Tour Date : 24-March-2005 to 29-March-2005

Destination Sichuan, China
Dates 24-29/3/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr.F.Y.Ho, Miss N.F.Ma, Miss K.C.Ho,
Miss M.S.Lee, Mr.H.C.Ho

St.Paul's College Summer English Tour to Britain 2005

Tour Date : 15-July-2005 to 05-August-2005

Destination The United Kingdom
Dates 15/7/2005-5/8/2005
Teachers-in-charge Miss K.M.Ho, Miss L.K.Chan, Mr. K.C.Chan, Mr. D.Y.Yuen,Miss S.E.Lewis

St.Paul's College Guidance Tour to Taiwan

Tour Date : 20-July-2005 to 25-July-2005

Destination Taiwan
Dates 20-25/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. C.M.Chiang, Miss S.M.Yu, Miss K.C.Ho, Miss L.N.Chan

St.Paul's College Educational History Tour to France

Tour Date : 20-July-2005 to 26-July-2005

Destination France
Dates 20-26/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mrs. P.M.Lau, Miss Y.S.Leung, Miss Y.S.Chan, Miss Y.W.Liu

St.Paul's College Discovery Art Tour to Greece

Tour Date : 20-July-2005 to 27-July-2005

Destination Greece
Dates 20-27/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. T.S.Leung, Mr. F.Y.Ho, Miss M.S.Lee

St.Paul's College Australian Christian Union Tour

Tour Date : 20-July-2005 to 29-May-2005

Destination Australia
Dates 20-29/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Revd. O.L.Mok, Miss A.Chan, Mr. C.D.Yurk, Miss P.Lai

St. Paul's College Social Studies Tour to Scandinavia

Tour Date : 20-July-2005 to 27-July-2005

Destination Scandinavia
Dates 20-28/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. H.K.Ho, Mr. K.W.Chiu, Miss S.Y.Ngan

St.Paul's College Summer Swimming Tour to Seoul

Tour Date : 21-July-2005 to 27-July-2005

Destination Seoul
Dates 21-27/7/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. W.W.Mak, Mr. W.H.Wong, Mr. K.W.Ng

St.Paul's College Summer Music Tour to Sydney

Tour Date : 23-July-2005 to 01-August-2005

Destination Sydney
Dates 23/7/2005-1/8/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. Y.K.Fu, Mr. H.P.Chow, Mrs. P.M.Ng, Miss H.Ismail

St.Paul's College Science Tour to The United Kingdom

Tour Date : 26-July-2005 to 04-August-2005

Destination The United Kingdom
Dates 26/7/2005-4/8/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. K.C.Au Yeung, Miss S.C.Yu, Miss M.Y.Shek

St.Paul's College Summer Football Training Tour to Japan

Tour Date : 30-July-2005 to 04-August-2005

Destination Japan
Dates 30/7/2005-4/8/2005
Teachers-in-charge Mr. W.L.Tang, Miss L.N.Chan, Miss P.S.Kwok

St.Paul's College Geography Tour to Iceland

Tour Date : 31-July-2005 to 07-August-2005

Destination Iceland
Dates 31/7/2005-7/8/2005
Teachers-in-charge Miss W.C.Fung, Miss L.W.Wu, Miss S.C.Cheng, Miss M.W.Tse