St. Paul’s College seeks applications for the following positions:



Clerk of Works

  • Assists the Project Manager and Foreman on campus management
  • Coordinates and supervises contractors / workers / janitors working for the College
  • Takes charge of the daily maintenance of campus facilities


  • Self-motivated
  • Good experience in facility / property / janitor management

Please send the application letter and full resume by Tuesday, 16th July, 2019 to the Principal, 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong. (Fax or email application is NOT accepted.)

(Information provided will be used for recruitment purposes only.)


Coaching Service for the English Debate Team

To ensure the sustainable development of the English Debate Team, we are looking for a dedicated and committed English debate coaching service provider who can equip our students with essential debating and communication skills for the academic year 2019-2020.


As the debate coach, your role is to:

- hold weekly practice sessions from 3.45 pm to 5.15 pm;
- teach team members debating techniques, such as formulating arguments, making rebuttals and critical reasoning;
- develop debaters’ oracy skills, such as fluency, organisation and language patterns;
- sustain participants’ interest in the intellectual activity;
- coach students for external competitions; and
- assist in organising and adjudicating debate competitions.

Service Period: October 2019 -- April 2020


We require someone who:

- has extensive experience in local and/or international debating competitions;
- has a thorough understanding of different debating formats, such as the Local Schools Style, the World Schools Style and the British Parliamentary Style;
- has preferably debate coaching experience at the secondary school level;
- is knowledgeable about socioeconomic issues; and
- displays a high command of the English language.

Hourly rate commensurate with experience: $300 -- $600


To apply, please send the CV of the coach together with details of services you can provide and expected hourly rate to Mr. T. F. Ng at

Closing date for application: 21 June 2019

(Personal data collected will be treated in strictest confidence and used for recruitment purpose only.)


College Chaplain

St. Paul’s College is the oldest Anglican school in Hong Kong (founded in 1851) and widely regarded as a leading school in the education of boys.  The College has a secondary and a primary campus with a total of 1,700 students and 180 staff.  Details of the College may be found on the website at

Please apply with a covering letter and full resume (please provide telephone number) and send it via email to: The Principal,, subject line: College Chaplain.  

(All information received will be used for recruitment purposes only.)

-              Good command of English and Chinese