The care of our students is overseen by the Form Teachers and the Guidance Team.  The Team includes the College Chaplain, the two school social workers, an Educational Psychologist and guidance teachers who are interested in the character development of students.


The Guidance Team aims at:

  • creating a pleasurable and inviting learning environment in the College
  • helping students to build up self-confidence and enhance self-esteem
  • raising students’ awareness of their emotions and helping them to develop skills to handle their emotional needs
  • promoting desirable learning and social behaviour
  • facilitating students in life planning, goal setting and career formulating
  • providing initial and front-line support in order to help students to cope with their problems


To achieve these aims, the Guidance Team organizes activities such as seminars, exhibitions, visits, competitions, games and workshops to help students to develop skills in interpersonal relationship and decision-making.  Guidance Team members also meet students on an one-to-one basis for discussion and give advice on items of interest to students.


Social Workers

In co-operation with the College and parents, the school social workers from the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (香港家庭福利會)

(1)    help students to face those problems which may hinder their academic, social or emotional development, and

(2)    facilitate students to develop their potential as well as a healthy personality

The school social workers are stationed at school on the following days:

Ms FUNG Yuen Han, Wendy (馮婉嫻女士) 2859 8438: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri
Mr LI Kwok Ching (李國靖先生)  2859 8480: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur