2021 HKDSE Examination Results

For the Class of 2021, the past academic year was as challenging as trying. Despite the challenges of class suspension and online remote learning, our F.6 students rose above the circumstances and managed to achieve remarkable success in the HKDSE.

Highlights of the outstanding achievements of the Class of 2021 include:

(1) Our top scorer, Kwong Ho To, achieved Level 5** in 7 subjects (including M1) and Level 5* in one other subject he took.

(2) On average, our students attained Level 5 or above in 3.4 subjects.

(3) Our students have continued to excel in the core and elective subjects.

- The average percentage of our students obtaining Level 5 or above was 40.4% in the 4 core subjects and 50.3% in all subjects.

- The average percentage of our students obtaining Level 4 or above was 81.1% in the 4 core subjects and 84.8% in all subjects.

- Over 30% of our students attained Level 5* or above in these 7 subjects:

Mathematics: 30.8%; Mathematics M2: 45.8%; Physics: 43.9%; Chemistry: 39.1%; Biology: 31.7%; Geography: 87.5% and Music: 60.0%.

- Over 50% of our students attained Level 5 or above in these 10 subjects:

English: 53.4%; Mathematics: 58.5%; Mathematics M1: 58.3%; Mathematics M2: 66.7%; BAFS Accounting: 55.6%, Physics: 80.7%; Chemistry: 63.8%; Biology: 58.5%; Geography: 87.5% and Music: 100%.

- Over 80% of our students attained Level 4 or above in these 14 subjects:

English: 93.1%; Mathematics: 90.8%; Mathematics M1: 86.1%; Mathematics M2: 87.5%; Liberal Studies: 83.2%; BAFS Accounting: 94.4%, BAFS Management: 83.3%, Physics: 98.2%; Chemistry: 89.9%; Biology: 87.8%; Geography: 87.5%; ERS: 100%; History: 96.3% and Music: 100%.

Congratulations to our F.6 graduates! We wish them all the best as they embark on the next chapter of their academic journeys.

2021 International Advanced Level (IAL) Examination Results

The College is very delighted to announce the outstanding results of our second cohort of students undertaking the International A-Levels qualification.

Five of our thirteen IAL graduates this year achieved A*, the highest grade, in four subjects. An overwhelming majority of the remaining students obtained grade A* in one to three subjects. Of the 50 grades this cohort achieved, 32 of them were grade A*. 100% of the students who studied biology, mathematics, and further mathematics achieved either A* or A in these subjects.

This group of IAL graduates have all met the conditions required by their preferred university programmes. Congratulations to another brilliant class. We wish them all a bright future!