2019 HKDSE Examination Results

The Class of 2019 has obtained pleasing results in the HKDSE. Congratulations to our hardworking and talented students!

This year, one of our graduates, Wong Hon Yin Edward, was among the six top scorers in Hong Kong, with Level 5** in 8 subjects. He is now pursuing a double degree in law and business administration at the University of Hong Kong. Another of our top students, Chew Chun Hin Marcus, who is now studying in the highly selective medicine programme ,Global Physician-Leadership Stream, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, also achieved Level 5** in 6 subjects and Level 5* in one 1 subject.

85.6% of SPC students met the general entrance requirements (i.e. “3322” in the four core subjects) for JUPAS undergraduate programmes. Among the core subjects, English (92.1% Level 4 or above), Liberal Studies (82.7% Level 4 or above) and Mathematics (86.3% Level 4 or above) were our students’ stronger subjects.

The percentages of our students obtaining Level 4 or above and Level 5 or above are significantly higher than territory averages.

There were 6 subjects (English Language: 27.3%, Geography: 25%, Ethics and Religious Studies: 25%, History: 44%, ICT: 25%, Music: 60%) in which over 25% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 5* or above.

There were 6 subjects (English: 57.6%, Mathematics M2: 58.1%, Physics: 63.8%, History: 60%, Visual Arts: 60% and Music: 80%) in which over 50% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 5 or above.

There were 12 subjects (English: 92.1%, Mathematics: 86.3%, Liberal Studies: 82.7%, Physics: 87%, Chemistry: 80.9%, ICT: 80%, Economics: 84%, ERS: 85%, History: 100%, Chinese History: 85.7%, Visual Arts: 100% and Music: 100%) in which over 80% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 4 or above.

The College would like to wish the Class of 2019 every success in their future endeavours.

2019 GCE IAS AND GCE A Level CHINESE Examination Results

18 Form 5 students sat 4 GCE IAS Exams (the first half of their IAL exams) each and 16 Form 4 students sat the GCE A Level Chinese exams.

The results from the total of 72 IAS grades are as follows:

61 were A Grades (84.7%)

8 were B Grades (11.1%)

2 were C Grades (2.77%)

1 was D Grade (1.38%)

12 students (of the 18) gained 4 A Grades (4 Subjects), 3 students gained 3 A Grades and 1 B Grade, and 2 students gained 2 A Grades. Among them, two students took 5 subjects. One of them gained 5 A Grades while the other gained 4 A Grades. The boys will now move onto the second half, the A2 section, of their exams in Form 6.

GCE A Level Chinese

16 students sat the GCE Chinese A Level exams. 4 students gained A*, and 12 gained A Grade.

We congratulate the students, their teachers and their families on these fine results.


In IAS, A grade is the highest grade.

In GCE A Level, A* is the highest grade

All grades reported above are prior to re-marks.