The Class of 2018 has obtained pleasing results in the HKDSE. Congratulations to our hardworking and talented students.

This year, 80.0% of SPC students met the general entrance requirements (i.e. “3322” in the four core subjects) for JUPAS undergraduate programmes. Among the core subjects, English (91.9% Level 4 or above) and Mathematics (81.3% Level 4 or above) were our students’ stronger subjects.

The percentages of our students obtaining Level 5* or above and those obtaining Level 5 or above are significantly higher than territory averages. There were 7 subjects (Biology: 33.3%, Chemistry: 28.4%, Physics: 39.7%, BAFS/ACC: 25%, BAFS/BM: 25%, ICT: 28.6% and History: 33.3%) in which over 25% of our students who took the exams achieved Level 5* or above. In five of these seven subjects, over 50% of them achieved Level 5 or above: Biology (58.3%), Chemistry (56.8%), Physics (79.4%), BAFS/BM (50%) and History (60%).

This cohort of graduates have been admitted to a range of different university study programmes, including highly competitive programmes in prestigious universities both in Hong Kong and overseas. Some of our high-flyers have received offers to study medicine or law in Hong Kong, music at the University of Oxford, civil engineering at University College London, biomedical science at King’s College London, and physics at the University of Michigan.