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Post Date: 10-October-2022
Christian Union Training Programme

Last Sunday the first phase of the Christian Union Leadership Training Programme was held on 2 October 2022. Committee members of the Christian Union had the opportunity to try pedal kayaking and explore the beautiful nature of God’s creation in the Plover Cove area.

The boys were placed into groups of four, with each group having two kayaks for two people, and were tasked with figuring out the mechanics of pedal kayaking and helping each other to figure out the directions to their destination in the open sea.

The committee members enjoyed a delicious seafood meal upon a successful journey to Ma Shi Chau. They then went on to appreciate the geographical landforms and learn about the fascinating history of the hills and islands in the area.

The programme was a fruitful experience for everyone and strengthened the bonding between members.

Please join us in prayer to pray for our Christian leaders so that they may be best prepared and equipped to spread the Gospel and lead our students in following the word of God.