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Post Date: 01-September-2022
First Day of School Assembly

We were delighted to see Paulines, looking sharp in their school uniforms, walking into the hall to celebrate the first day of school.

At the beginning of the assembly this morning, Mr. Dennis Yuen, the Principal, offered a warm welcome to the whole school. He encouraged all Paulines to “start everything afresh on a clean slate”. He told them not to be afraid of challenges but to welcome them, and try to overcome them with a strong work ethic, a never-give-up attitude and the right strategies.

The Principal also focused on one of the core values the College has set as a main theme for this academic year: “Respect”. Citing the Golden Rule from the Bible: ‘Treat others as you would like others to treat you’, he urged the students to put themselves in others’ shoes and treat others with respect and empathy.

We hope that all Paulines will start from today, follow the Golden Rule and become a better version of themselves by the end of this school year.

Do click HERE to view the highlights of today’s assembly.