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Post Date: 07-September-2021
Paul's Challenge 30+

Paul’s Challenge is our signature adventure programme for developing our boys’ leadership, grit and resilience in face of challenges and adversity in an outdoor setting.

After several postponements due to the pandemic, it was eventually held this past July, though the duration was shortened from the usual 4 days to 2 days only.

That is why the suffix ‘30+’ was added to this year’s programme title to represent this significant change, and the participants were to undergo intensive outdoor training for a shorter time, which was a little more than 30 hours.

As many as 72 Form 4 students, accompanied by 7 teachers, participated in either a hiking or kayaking course. They learned not only hiking or kayaking skills but also practical skills, such as cooking, for survival in the wild.

As said in the comments by most of the participants, for them, Paul's Challenge will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in their school life.