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Post Date: 30-March-2021
Form 5 economics students clinch major award at JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! 2021

A school team of our brightest entrepreneurial minds clinched the STEM Award in the JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! 2021.

The JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! is a startup competition organized by the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund GO-GETTER for local secondary schools and tertiary institutions to showcase their creative and innovative business ideas.

Our school team consisting of four Form 5 economics students was one of the eight finalists. Its team name, studyaccelerator, is also the name of their proposed app, which would provide a platform for DSE students to enhance their learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Apart from assisting its student users in setting learning schedules and managing study progress, the app would also provide them with suitable learning materials and feature a distinctive function of matching study partners according to the subjects taken by the users and their academic levels.

The app could also be used by teachers. Teacher users could create study groups for their students, and conduct online lessons to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

It is worth mentioning that our enterprising fifth-formers have translated their ideas from paper to reality; they have successfully created a runnable prototype of their award-winning application, studyaccelerator!

The College congratulates the four team members: Au Fai Liong (5A), Hon Kit Long (5E), Peng Zhijian (5E) and Yim To Sang Shepherd (5E); and also the teacher-in-charge, Mr. Lee Ka Wai, whose invaluable advice contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Do visit the following link for the competition results and details at:

The final pitch video from Team studyaccelerator can be found at: