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Post Date: 26-March-2021
Head Prefect and Committee Prefects Inauguration 2021

The inauguration ceremony for the new Head Prefect, Second Head Prefects and Committee Prefects was held on 23 March 2021. At the ceremony, the Principal pinned badges carrying their respective titles on the prefects’ shirts.

Led by Lee Man Wai Adrian (5C), the Head Prefect, and Yip Cheuk Chun (5B) and Lam Chun Lok Joseph (5E), the two Second Head Prefects, the Prefects’ Council will continue their commitment to responsibility and moral rectitude, develop student leadership, and serve the school community with humility.

The Prefects’ Council has every confidence in the self-discipline and good conduct of our students despite challenges posed by COVID-19, and strives to build a harmonious environment conducive to learning and personal development, both online and in the classroom.