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Post Date: 23-September-2020
School Resumption - Anti-infection Measures

As we prepare to welcome everyone back to school, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and students. The whole campus has been thoroughly cleaned and, thanks to a generous donation, disinfected with a chemical spray, Germagic Thyme, which provides an antimicrobial coating which can eliminate coronavirus on any surfaces including handrails, door handles, classroom furniture and lift buttons for up to 90 days.

Educational videos, posters and signage have been prepared to help students build hygiene routines. To shorten the time for queueing during recesses, we will continue to run unmanned, self-service kiosks that work on an honour system: students can simply take the drinks/snacks they want and drop the right amounts of money into a cashbox. We are truly proud of our students as past experience has shown that they always pay before they leave. For details about class resumption preparations and essential anti-infection arrangements, please refer to the attachment below.

Stepping Up Anti-infection Measures for Class Resumption