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Post Date: 27-May-2019

The Principal of St. Paul's College, Mr Dennis Yuen, and the Principal of St. Paul's College Primary School, Mr Michael Mak, recently made a trip to the USA and Canada to help re-connect with our alumni and friends in North America.

Both the College and the Primary School have intensely loyal alumni following, but distance often makes the direct personal connection more challenging for all concerned. In fact, many of the alumni were also students of Mr Yuen and/or Mr. Mak in the past, which made the re-union all the more enjoyable. The two principals were able to fill in the alumni and family groups on recent developments and future plans. In the days of social media. contact can now be almost instantaneous, but the principals agree that the personal touch of face-to-face meetings gave meaning to the belief that 'Once a Pauline, Always a Pauline'. The 're-connection direction' was ably assisted by Mr Tenny Doone ('68) who helped set up the Californian side, with visits to Vancouver and San Francisco. In each venue, both principals felt the genuine warmth of the alumni groups, and stressed that once we have re-ignited the spark, we need to keep the fire of unity burning.

Similarly, the greetings from the Ontario Alumni Association were genuine and joyful. The group were treated to a number of excellent meetings, usually over meals, where the alumni could get a clear sense of the vision and direction of the College and Primary School.

All in all, the stated aim of reconnecting with our loyal alumni was achieved, but the principals stressed that the visit will only be a long term success if these connections of the ties that bind us are kept strong into the future. The principals asked that fellow alumni help us to make connections with the overseas brothers, with whom we have lost contact.

The principals both stressed that St. Paul's students are joined inextricably by their time at Bonham Road. We ask that you help us to maintain these strong connections into the future by registering at this link: