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Post Date: 05-December-2017
A Quick Look Back at the Musical Month of November at SPC
1 November
Music Workshop with Concorde Ensemble

The Music Department, on behalf of the College, had the pleasure of welcoming the renowned contemporary music ensemble Concorde from Ireland for an inspiring music workshop at our School Hall.

Concorde has performed widely in their homeland and in many other European countries. In the workshop, three Concorde musicians, Paul Roe, Elaine Clark and Martin Johnson Will, under the baton of the music director Dr Jane O’Leary, performed solo and trio pieces for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin and cello.

The performance was followed by an interactive discussion with our students on contemporary composition and performing techniques.

9 November
Ensemble Visit by the Sousaphonics

An Australian ensemble group, The Sousaphonics, visited our school and put on some swinging, uplifting live gigs for Form 2 and Form 3 students.

These musicians played jazz music on the saxophone, trombone, drum and a special instrument called the sousaphone. Their enthusiastic stage presence swiftly created an electrifying interaction with the audience. Some of our students were invited to improvise and jazz with them on stage while most of the audience were singing and dancing along to the upbeat rhythm.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to explore different music genres and appreciate cultural diversity.

10 November
Music Assembly: Organ Music Appreciation

The organ literally took centre stage in the morning music assembly. In layman’s terms, Chan Yan Leong Dominic (6F) introduced to the school various major parts of the organ, combined with lively demonstrations by Lau Kin Hei Desmond (4A) and Chan Kwan Ho Ambrose (6D).  The highlight of the assembly was a masterful organ performance by Yip Wai Kit Ryan (6F).

17 November
Music Assembly: Concert Band Performance

The College Concert Band performed in the music assembly under the baton of our music teacher Mr. Wong Hei Yin.  Prior to their performance was a fabulous bassoon solo recital by Siu Yat Fung, Austin (2C). The Concert Band would be taking part in the Winter Band Festival on 29 November and the Music Festival next year.

29 & 30 November
Concert Band wins Gold Award in 9th Winter Band Festival

The musical month of November ended on a triumphant note with our School Concert Band clinching the Gold Award in the 9th Winter Band Festival on 29 Nov 2017.

With a score of 83, our school came out on top in the Senior Division over the other participating schools including Wah Yan College Kowloon, St. Stephen’s College, Good Hope School and St. Paul’s Co-educational College. Congratulations to all the musicians of the Concert Band, as well as to Mr. Wong, on their outstanding achievement!
One of the adjudicators, Mr. Felix Hauswirth, was invited to our school on the following day after the contest. While being our guest, Mr. Hauwirth was generous with his advice and instruction as he conscientiously guided our concert band players to reach a higher level of precision and rendition. We were immensely grateful to MrHauwirth for taking his precious time to perfect our band players’ techniques and fine-tune their “band sound”!