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Post Date: 03-November-2017
Second Staff Development Day 2017/2018
The Second Staff Development Day, coordinated by the Guidance Team, was held on Friday, 27th October. Mr. Lui Wai Hap, our school-based educational psychologist, assisted by our school social worker, Miss Wendy Fung, conducted the half-day intensive programme.

Mr. Lui focussed on the theme, “Management of Youth’s Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties” and provided the teaching staff with useful information and practical strategies for helping students struggling with emotional issues.

Apart from elaborating on various factors affecting adolescents’ emotions and behaviour, Mr. Lui introduced the teachers to several effective intervention strategies for de-escalating students with acting-out behavior. 

The staff development programme ended with case studies and discussion, whereby the teachers were offered an opportunity to apply what they had learnt in potential classroom scenarios.