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Post Date: 21-September-2017
Asia STEAM Camp in Kyoto, Japan
In late July, some of our students attended the Asia STEAM Camp at Doshisha Junior High School in Kyoto, Japan. 

Through hands-on activities and interactive workshops, our students had the opportunity to advance knowledge in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics and aerodynamics.  They worked in teams with students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam to build a foam board aeroplane, design a smart home system and create a rescue robot used for firefighting in disaster-hit areas. 

Lee Jasper Yee Jing (2D) became the champion in the plane building competition, and our students emerged victorious as part of the championship and second runner-up teams in the RoboSTEAM 2017 International Robotics Competition.

The participants were Lee Jasper Yee Jing (2D), Yau Lok Hei (2C), Ma Wesley Wai Yin (2D), Tsang Pui Kin (4E), Chui Man Yin (4E) and Ng Tsun Wai (4E).

Congratulations to them on their excellent performance!