2019 HKDSE Examination Results

The Class of 2019 has obtained pleasing results in the HKDSE. Congratulations to our hardworking and talented students.

This year, 85.6% of SPC students met the general entrance requirements (i.e. “3322” in the four core subjects) for JUPAS undergraduate programmes. Among the core subjects, English (92.1% Level 4 or above), Liberal Studies (82.7% Level 4 or above) and Mathematics (86.3% Level 4 or above) were our students’ stronger subjects.

The percentages of our students obtaining Level 4 or above and Level 5 or above are significantly higher than territory averages.

There were 6 subjects (English Language: 27.3%, Geography: 25%, Ethics and Religious Studies: 25%, History: 44%, ICT: 25%, Music: 60%) in which over 25% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 5* or above.

There were 6 subjects (English: 57.6%, Mathematics M2: 58.1%, Physics: 63.8%, History: 60%, Visual Arts: 60% and Music: 80%) in which over 50% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 5 or above.

There were 12 subjects (English: 92.1%, Mathematics: 86.3%, Liberal Studies: 82.7%, Physics: 87%, Chemistry: 80.9%, ICT: 80%, Economics: 84%, ERS: 85%, History: 100%, Chinese History: 85.7%, Visual Arts: 100% and Music 100%) in which over 80% of our students who took the examinations achieved Level 4 or above.

The College would like to wish the Class of 2019 every success in their future endeavours.

2019 GCE IAS AND GCE A Level CHINESE Examination Results

18 Form 5 boys sat 4 GCE IAS Exams (the first half of their IAL exams) each and 16 Form 4 students sat the GCE A Level Chinese exams.

The results from the total of 72 IAS grades are as follows:

61 were A Grades (84.7%)

8 were B Grades (11.1%)

2 were C Grades (2.77%)

1 was D Grade (1.38%)

12 students (of the 18) gained 4 A Grades (4 Subjects), 3 students gained 3 A Grades and 1 B Grade, and 2 students gained 2 A Grades. Among them, two students took 5 subjects. One of them gained 5 A Grades while the other gained 4 A Grades. The boys will now move onto the second half, the A2 section, of their exams in Form 6.

GCE A Level Chinese

16 students sat the GCE Chinese A Level exams. 4 students gained A*, and 12 gained A Grade.

We congratulate the students, their teachers and their families on these fine results.


In IAS, A grade is the highest grade.

In GCE A Level, A* is the highest grade

All grades reported above are prior to re-marks.