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Post Date: 30-January-2020
New Arrangements for School Events Scheduled for the Period Monday, 3rd February to Sunday, 16th February, 2020
In view of a considerable increase in the number of confirmed and suspected cases of the new coronavirus and the increasing risk of its spread in a crowded environment within a short period of time, the EDB has announced that all schools will extend the Chinese New Year holiday to Sunday, 16th February, 2020, (i.e. class resumption on 17th February) to safeguard students' health.
To this end, all school events scheduled between Monday, 3rd February and Sunday, 16th February, 2020, will be rescheduled or cancelled to reduce the risk of infection. These include F.6 Internal Examination, Parents’ Day, extracurricular activities, etc. However, our school campus will remain open for students who are unattended at home. All staff members, students, and visitors must wear a mask if they are on campus. 
For the detailed arrangements in these two weeks, please refer to the e-Notice (dated 31st January, 2020) on the school intranet.
If school resumes on 17th February, 2020, the F.1 Admissions Interview will be held as scheduled.