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Post Date: 17-September-2018
Suspension of classes on 18th September, 2018 (Tuesday)

The school campus has not been too badly affected by Severe Typhoon Mangkhut. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our janitors and supporting staff, all the clean up work in the aftermath of the typhoon has been completed.

As the typhoon has caused varying degrees of impact on schools in Hong Kong and public transport services have yet to be fully resumed, the Education Bureau has announced the class suspension of all schools tomorrow (September 18).

Under safe conditions, the College will keep the premises open to take care of students who have a genuine need to return to school. Parents should consider factors such as their home situation, road conditions and the care that their children need when deciding whether to send them to school.

Together as a school, we pray for those who are struggling to recover from the damage caused by the typhoon.