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Post Date: 04-May-2022
Joint School Community Service Project -- Flare22

Flare, our annual joint school community service event, was successfully held via Zoom on 14 April. The aim of the event was to raise public awareness of the needs of the underprivileged and connect students with the community. Our students together with those from Aberdeen Baptist Lui Ming Choi College, Sacred Heart Canossian College and St. Stephen’s Girls’ College participated in the event.

With “Understanding the Visually Impaired around the Globe” as the theme, Flare22 provided students with opportunities to examine social issues related to the visually impaired.

We were delighted to have Mr. Mok Kim-wing, M.H., Founder of the Fearless Dragons Running Club and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society (HKNPIS), as our keynote speaker during the youth conference. After Mr. Mok delivered the keynote speech, students from participating schools presented their research findings to the attendees. They also enjoyed a Kahoot! quiz, which consolidated learning.

Continuing the tradition of having a handprint activity, the event included an activity in which the participants were asked to make their own handprint and send the image to the organisers. The images gathered were then arranged to form the word “FLARE22” on a banner.

As the pandemic continued to rage, the organising committee had the participating schools donate anti-pandemic supplies to HKNPIS, including rapid antigen test kits, hand sanitizers and face masks.

We are very grateful to the principal of each participating school for their tremendous support for the event. Many thanks to all teachers and students involved, especially Mr. W.H. Wong, Mr. H.C. Wu, Ms. L.M. Wong, Ms. W. Yiu, and Mr. W.K. Wong, for their contributions to organising the event despite all the challenges during the pandemic.