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Post Date: 24-November-2021
The Rubbing of College Name Signage

We are very grateful to the artefact conservator, Dr Karen Fong, who undertook the rubbing of the College name signage at our old campus site in Glenealy, Central.

This past July, Dr Fong worked on high scaffolds and meticulously carried out the rubbing of the stone inscribed with our school name, and also of the Chinese couplet on the vertical slabs on either side of the school name stone.

A professional in artefact and architecture conservation, Dr Fong is also the mother of two sons, who are both attending our College, the younger being in our Primary School.

We are greatly indebted to Dr Fong, who took on this exacting commission pro bono for the benefit of the whole College community.

The delicate rubbing facsimile of the College name signage will be framed and displayed on our campus as part of the 170th Anniversary celebrations of the College.

Do watch the video to find out more about the rubbing process.

Video Credits:
Mr Yuen Dick Yan Dennis (College Principal)

Chan Chak Yu Ludovic (2015, F.6)
Chan Yiu Fai Thomas (2020, F.5)
Ko Kyle (2020, F.2)

Video Editor:
Chan Yiu Fai Thomas (2020, F.5)