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Post Date: 29-May-2020
Fu Gor: The Life and Soul of the College

This year we celebrate the 50 years of service of our former Head Janitor, Fu Gor. Of course, Fu Gor never left the College; he now serves as Chief Warden, a position that he started in 2018, after having been the Head Janitor at the College from 2006-2018.. He is a fixture of the College just as much as watermelon ball or Morning Assembly- he is always with us, slowly and deliberately getting the job done, only stopping to greet a staff member, student or fellow janitor. He is a passionate and ardent supporter of the College.

When you speak with old boys of their warmest memories of the College, Fu Gor is always mentioned. Even if they were caught by Fu Gor being naughty, they still accepted him telling them off in good spirit as they knew that he was like a kindly uncle who is a beloved family member.

Fu Gor still plays in the annual Principal's Cup and is still a dedicated sportsman. Once the game is done, Fu Gor will be the one dispensing lunch to the players and coaches, just as he was the one who set up the trestle table, the urn, and the cutlery, just as he will be the one to pack it all up and clean up once the crowd has dispersed.

50 years after it all started in 1970, we still see his cheeky smile as he shares a joke with someone in the Office, outside the classroom, or in the Hall. No matter what, if there is an event at the College, Fu Gor will be there, quietly and consistently working to ensure that others are well taken care of as guests of the College.

Senior administrators, office staff, janitors and teachers recently saluted the former Head Janitor Fu Gor on his 50 years of service. All of us are looking forward to celebrating our 170th Anniversary with him. We hope that you all will get the chance to thank Fu Gor for his extraordinary service to the College over the past half century!