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Post Date: 24-March-2020
School Life at St. Paul's College -- A Video

'Once again, we here foregather, pledge obedience to this rule
That we ever will be faithful to the teachings of our school...'

First envisioned as a school to train young men to spread the word of God, St Paul's College has grown into a leading school in Hong Kong working towards turning out young men who are dedicated to living by the College's watchwords:

'Justice, honour, truth and virtue,
Shall the watchwords be for all...'

The College prides itself on the sense of brotherhood and togetherness espoused by our graduates, and the willingness to serve others. Our students are our greatest resource -- enquiring, enthusiastic and enterprising, they have many opportunities to excel. For some, it is in sports or robotics; for others, it is in debating or music. A common thread linking our students is a dedication to service -- in the Youth Red Cross, the Scout Group or the Student Association; or as prefects, peer mentors or librarians; or in the hundreds of clubs and activities held in and out of the College, whereby our students learn to learn by doing not just by listening. While we are pleased by our academic prowess, we are even more greatly pleased by the sense of community and brotherhood which pervades the College.

We welcome your interest in SPC, and look forward to meeting and greeting you as part of our school, which becomes part of the DNA of our life experience. Please have a look at the video to feel the essence of St. Paul's College.

'Down the years we will be faithful
To the College of St. Paul!'

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