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Post Date: 05-June-2019
Fourth Staff Development Day 2018-2019

Our College is committed to building a vibrant professional learning community, where our teachers are encouraged to share their knowledge and practices with their colleagues.

To this end, teachers from the Integrated Humanities Department, the Integrated Science Department and the English Department were invited to share with the teaching staff the major aspects of their respective reformed junior-form curricula during Staff Development Day on 3 June.

All three departments stressed the necessity to engage our students through various modes of learning, including project-based learning, self-initiated inquiry, reflective practice and the flipped classroom, so as to effectively build up their generic skills for academic study and life skills for global citizenship.

With these ideas fresh in mind, all teachers participated in individual departmental meetings after the staff sharing session. Apart from evaluating the existing teaching methodologies and assessment methods, they also discussed possible changes to the subject curriculum for the coming academic year so that classroom learning can be engaging, stimulating, thought-provoking – and fun!