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Post Date: 31-January-2018
SPC and SPCAA Mentorship Programme 2018

The Inauguration Day of the Mentorship Programme for F.4 students was successfully held on Saturday, 27 January, 2018. The Mentorship Programme, co-organised by the College and the SPC Alumni Association, is in its 14th year running, and has benefited so many cohorts of SPC students since 2005.

Forty-eight alumni -- some studying in university, some working, and some retired -- signed up to be mentors for this year. Led by the alumni mentors, the students were divided into sixteen groups, based on the university study programmes they are interested in.

The event provided a great opportunity for both the mentors and mentees to get to know one another, and for the students themselves to start to ponder and envisage their academic and professional careers beyond secondary school.