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Post Date: 14-December-2017
Morning assembly celebrating our sports teams' achievements
The school assembly on Monday, 11th December was dedicated to four of our College’s sports teams, which have achieved admirable results in various inter-school competitions organised by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation. We were delighted to have the Principal, Mr Dennis Yuen, present the medals and trophies to our winning athletes. 

The Fencing Team clinched 2 individual championships and three fencers brought home 3 second runner-up medals and the foil team was placed third overall. 

The Swimming Team came away with a number of medals after facing the tough challenge from other renowned schools in the Inter-school Life-saving Competition.

The A Grade Life-saving Team came third in the Hong Kong All Schools Life-saving Competition while the B Grade team took fourth place. 

Lastly, the Badminton Team continued to shine on the badminton court. Both A and B Grade Teams came third. 

Congratulations to all our athletes! The complete list of the winners is as follows:

Fencing Team
Leung Yin Kei (4A) - Champion in B Grade Foil 
Chan Ho Tin (2E) - Champion in B Grade Sabre
Yip Lai Hei (5C) - Third in A grade Foil
Cheng Julian (5B) - Third in A grade Sabre 
Chan Yat Hung (1E) - Third in C grade Epee

The foil team came third in Team Section. The members are:
Lin Ho Lun (2D) 
Lau Chun Hin (4F) 
Leung Yin Kei (4A)  
Yip Lai Hei (5C)

Badminton Team
Both A and B Grade teams came third. 

The B Grade team members are:
Chan Hsiuh Ying (3D)
Fok Chun Nok (3D) 
Pak Tsz Tsun (4C)
Chan Kwing Tung (4D)
Lam Ching Wai (4F) 
Poon Cheuk Hei (1A)
Ip Kwan To (4C)

The A Grade team members are:
Wong Chun Yin (6E) 
Yan Ka Wai (5C) 
Ng Kai Yui (5C) 
Tong Pak Hei (4D) 
Ngai Tik Wah (5D) 
Wong Hiu Pun (6D) 

Swimming Team 
Chiu Hong Ching (3D) - Fourth in B Grade 50m Butterfly
Lam Chak Hang (5D) - Fourth in B Grade 200m Freestyle and Champion in B 

Life-saving Team
Chan Wing Hei (5F) and
Cho Lok Hei (6D)
- Second in A Grade Line Throw
Kwok Chun Fai Ralph (4D) - Second in A Grade 100m Manikin Carry with Fins
Cheung Chun Ho (6E) - Third in A Grade 50m Manikin Carry

Boys B Grade 4x25m Manikin Relay – Second Runners-up
Chiu Hong Ching (3D) 
Chan Owen (3F)
But Cheuk Hei (3B)
Chau Kwan Pok (4F) 

Boys A Grade 4x25m Manikin Relay – Second Runners-up
Kwok Chun Fai Ralph (4D) 
Luk Chun Yang Ivan (6A) 
Cheung Chun Ho (6E) 
Fan See Long (6F) 

B Grade team – Fourth Overall 
Chiu Hong Ching (3D) (Captain)
Chan Owen (3F) (Captain)
Yeung Cheuk Hay (1C)
Wan Tsz Fung (3C)
Eng Matthew Tinchen (2A)
Lee Ho Man (3D)
But Cheuk Hei (3B)
Chau Kwan Pok (4F)
Lam Ki Chun (3E)
Chiu Ning Chung (3E)

A Grade Team – Third Overall
Kwok Chun Fai (4D) (Captain)
Yip Chak Fung (5A) (Captain)
Luk Chun Yan (6A)
Cheung Chun Ho (6E)
Fan See Long (6F)
Lam Chak Hang (5D)
Chong Ho Tin (5B)
Wong Chung Wah (5B)
Cho Lok Hei (6D) 
Chan Wing Hei (5F)