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Post Date: 27-October-2016
Knowledge Transfer Trial Programme by HKU

A group of our students have recently received certificates for completion of the Konwledge Transfer Trial Programme conducted by the Department of Real Estate and Construction of the Faculty of Archectiture at HKU. The programme was held from November 2015 to August 2016.

The students were required to conduct an extensive study on the history of Kowloon Walled City. Their research work included visiting the Survey and Mapping Office to search for relevant aerial maps and photographs, and conducting oral history interviews with people who have memories of the social lives within the walled city. Among the interviewees was Father Philip, former chaplain of the College.

After the ten-month research, the group made a final 10-minute video presentation to the Department of Real Estate and Construction at the university in August, 2016.

The participants from our school were:

Yue Ting Shun Terence (6C)
Wu Chi Fung Ivan (6F)
Ma Chun Hang Henry (6C)
Tang Lok Chun (6C)
Cheng Tin Heng Omarr (5E)
Kwong Tsz Hin (5E)

Congratulations to them all on completing this rigorous programme!