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Event Date: 22-April-2019 to 03-May-2019
Student Exchange Programme with Trinity-Pawling School of New York, USA

The following ten students will be taking part in an exchange programme at Trinity Pawling School, New York from Monday, 22nd April, 2019 to Friday, 3rd May, 2019 inclusive.

3A 18 Leong Wai To
4A 17 Lam Chong Kin
4A 20 Lee Ming Chau
4A 25 Pak Ho Yiu Peter
4A 26 Tam Chun Yin
4C 11 Ho Pak Hei
4C 14 Kwok Ryan Chun Lok
4D 2 Chan Kwan Tao Anson
4F 10 Kwok Pak Him
5E 11 Chung Yui Yin

They will be accompanied by Mr. Poon Wai Hoi, Bobby, Miss S. Leung and Miss L. M. Wong.